"Win with mental training" - seminar schedule

A weekend in which everything revolves around the mental side of playing golf. Learn to love your putter and use the Cobra Principle to improve your score. The central theme: clean up your mind with its old behavioural patterns and make room for a winning mentality. Benefit from the scientific knowledge behind mental training in the world of performance and professional sport.

We will be happy to publish the course dates for 2015 as soon as they are established.

"Putt like a winner":

In the morning we will deal with the technicalities of putting, following along the lines of "free your mind" and tune the spirit of visualising, goals and putting. In the afternoon there are tips and tricks with training, monitoring and coaching with 9 holes on the golf course.

"The Cobra Principle":

Posture, concentration, self-confidence and a will to win are the pillars of the Cobra Principle. Self-control of emotions is another topic covered. Body and spirit in flow, the best state to prepare for ideal performance, is what we deal with on Sunday morning. In the afternoon there are training tips and hints for the short game, monitoring and coaching during 9 holes on the golf course.

Treat yourself to an interesting and exciting weekend and take on board how easy golf can be. You will become more patient, better, more relaxed, focused and calm while partaking in your favourite sport. Thanks to the maximum number of participants being just 8 people, exclusive and intensive training is guaranteed.

The trainer

My story

"How passion led to a career and career led to passion"

I became 'infected' with the golf sports virus in 1993. As a golfer with a single-handicap, youth sports manager, captain of the Welser ladies team and repeated Upper Austrian champion, I have learned all the facets of this fascinating sport. The concentration which is necessary for this sport showed me that technology is not everything and I was pushed to my limits.    

In order to achieve an improvement in the mental side of the game, I took part on a training course with the PGA in Linz for several years and graduated as a mental trainer. Success came in 2009 when I was able to improve my handicap from 5.9 to 4.1 in just four tournaments – a quantum leap in golf terms and the confirmation of my nickname as "King Cobra". In addition, I have also noticed an incredible improvement in my quality of life and performance capability, which has had an enormously positive impact on my professional and personal life and which continues to this day.

I will be more than happy to show you the best way to improve your performance, a relaxed golf game under pressure and how to express less "want" and "aim" for more.

Ursula Brandner
Upper Austria Champion MidAm
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