During pregnangy it is especially important to find and keep your inner balance and a feeling of well-being. With to our treatments for mums-to-be, we are happy to provide you with some extra moments of happiness. We recommend soothing treatments such as a lymph drainage with cooling leg compresses for some relaxation. 

waldSPA Facial (50 MIN)

from € 79 per person

Eyebrow and eyelash coloring

from € 34 per person

Eyebrow coloring

from € 29 per person

Eyebrow shaping

from € 29 per person

Eyelash coloring

from € 29 per person

Head and Facial Massage

from € 43 per person

Lymph Drainage with a cooling leg compress - for expectant mothers

from € 75 per person

"Calm before the happiness"

from € 246 per person

waldSPA Facial Treatment (80 min)

from € 120 per person

Remove OPI Shellac

from € 14 per person

OPI Shellac

from € 29 per person

Polishing and varnishing nails

from € 19 per person


from € 66 per person

French nails

from € 29 per person


from € 63 per person

Pedicure with Nail Varnish

from € 68 per person
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